KHIL History
KHIL (1250 AM, "Classic Country") is an AM\FM radio station licensed to serve Willcox, Arizona, United States. It airs a classic country music format using a transmitter with an output of 5,000 watts (day), and 196 watts (night).
  • KHIL 1250 AM went on air in 1959 in Willcox, Arizona. At that time KHIL was originally KWCX. In 1961 KWCX moved to FM and KHIL became 1250 AM. Rex Allen owned the station at that time and asked the FCC for the call letters KHIL or K-hill because of the Dos Cabezas Mountains near Willcox.
  • The classic country music format broadcasts only on KHIL, 24/7 out of our studios in Willcox, Arizona. We are one of the very few radio stations in Arizona broadcasting out of their own studios. 95% of Arizona radio stations broadcast a satellite audio feed or broadcast audio out of their studio provided them by the satellite feed. Same difference, less national radio spots. KHIL broadcasts 24/7 out of our studio, our own music! This is why KHIL is popular listening. Radio is about music and KHIL is music without bounds.
  • KHIL is "all music all the time". No DJs, no talk or chatter to interrupt the music.
  • In 2015, KHIL began to simulcast on 98.1 FM, and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recognized KHIL as a “Governor’s Award Recipient” for our work with “Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona”.